DNA提取磁珠(300nm)  (MagSi-DNA, 300nm magnetic beads for DNA extraction, dense core, ultrafast separation)
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For the rapid isolation of DNA and for the essential purification steps, all MagSi-DNA kits can be used in the determination of gene-expression or polymorphisms in metabolic or genetic hereditory diseases.

MagSi-DNA allround beads are magnetic silica beads with a dense core of iron oxide and with a higher magnetic content compared to MagSi-DNA. The surface is optimized to bind nucleic acids and the high paramagnetic strength gives high recovery of the bead when isolating them from a complex mix like whole blood.


  • Can be applied in automated systems
  • Quick and complete separation
  • Very good reproducibility
  • High quality DNA recovered (OD 260/280 > 1.7)
  • Ideal for downstream applications like RT-PCR or DNA sequencing.

If very high yelds of DNA are needed, the MagSi-DNA beads are also available in carboxylated forms (MagSi-DNA COOH)

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