HIV-1 p24抗原  (HIV-1 p24 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 Antigen recombinant, E. coli)
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种属: HIV-1 检测范围: -
表达系统(蛋白): E.coli 抗体来源种属: -


HIV-1 p24 recombinant strain IIIB- is a 51 kDa nonglycosylated polypeptide chain, containing the HIV-1 p24 immunodominant regions. The protein is fused to a GST tag.
HIV belongs to the retrovirus family, distinguished by possession of a viral reverse transcriptase that transcribes viral RNA into DNA which is integrated into the host-cell genome.
The outer envelope is acquired during virion budding and is studded with spikes formed by the two major viralenvelope glycoproteins (the surface protein gp120 and the transmembrane protein gp41).
The central core contains four viral proteins (p24 - the major capsid protein, p17 - a matrix protein, p9, and p7), two copies of the HIV RNA genome (to which p7 and p9 are bound), and three viral enzymes (reverse transcriptase, integrase, and protease) essential for viral replication.
Proteins from the inner core of HIV-1, such as the capsid protein (p24), are involved in crucial processes during the virus life cycle.

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