PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit
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说明书:PSP Spin Stool DNA/ Plus Kit

The PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit is an integrated system for collection, transportation and storage of stool samples and subsequent DNA purification. Transportation of the stabilized DNA can be carried out in the DNA Stabilizer solution without refrigeration at ambient temperature. The purification kit is designed for DNA isolation from pathogenic microorganisms and from the host organism.

Starting Material
human and animal fecal sample

Product Characteristics


Starting Material

Average Yield

Preparation Time

PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit

a spoon of stool specimen
(about 1 g) collected in 
8 ml of Stool Stabilizer

up to 50 μg/ 1.4 ml of 
stabilized stool sample

about 60 min


• all-in-one product - from collection to isolation: pre-filled collection tubes with Stool DNA stabilizer
• DNA samples are stable at room temperature for 3 days for easy transport and storage
• inactivation of DNases and preservation of the microorganism titre
• complete removal of PCR inhibitors
• CE-marked in compliance with the Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD-Directive)*.


In addition to the inactivation of DNases the Stool DNA Stabilizer preserves the microorganism titre. Transportation of the stabilized DNA can be carried out in the Stool DNA Stabilizer without refrigeration for over 3 days at ambient temperature.
For the DNA extraction process a small aliquot of the total volume is used, and the residual sample can be stored in the DNA stabilization buffer at -20°C for further extractions. The PSP Spin Stool DNA Plus Kit uses a precleaning step, optimized buffer and essential washing conditions to remove potent inhibitors very efficiently. The purified DNA is ready to use for subsequent downstream applications:

• PCR applications
• hybridization
• genetic typing
• pathogen typing
• mutation analysis
• sequencing
• ancestry research
• feed and food determination

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